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Hi guys, Welcome to our website “Trip of Abroad”. We are glad that you are here visiting our blog. You are here because you are interested to travel. You can know about us here. Yes, you have the right and we are here eagerly waiting to give you the summary of our site. Ok, I am Lyana Ifza the admin, director, and writer of “Trip of Abroad”.

Traveling is not only to overcome getting bored but it also a passion for one. If you feel bored because of work stress or professional hazards, or feeling excitement about your dreaming place or country, then close your eyes, think heartily, where you want to go feeling fresh and happy. You need to plan about the visiting place to make your trip memorable. But your plan could be failed without proper directions. And we are here to help to make your tour successful.”Trip of Abroad” will fulfill your thirst by giving you all in details about your targeted traveling zone.

In this site, you will be informed about the specialty of the historical, cultural and most attractive places. Not only that you will be also informed about these place’s location, weather, public transport system, relevant tips on language and local dialect, top rated and nearby hotels, resorts, restaurant, food items, best things to do, getting around etc. It will also provide you the minimum costing way to save your account.

 So get ready, pack your bag and go for a short or long trip and make a happy journey.  

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  • Foundation is on integrity.
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  • A trusty and friendly relationship with our honorable visitors.
  • To inspire visitors.
  • Our Slogan: We believe in quality, not quantity and this is our strength.